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Holidays in the Provençe



In and around Vinsobres, you will find everything to make the most of your holiday:


Just relax in the garden or by the swimming pool.

You like to enjoy the peace and quiet, to sunbathe or to read a book? Find a nice spot in the garden or near the swimming pool.


Food and drinks.

Maybe it is the delicious scent of the Provence, or the easy way of living. You don't have to go far for a good meal and a drink.



Zn Vinsobres and the surrounding area are several paths for walking. Through woods and vineyards or along rivers.




You can climb the famous Mont Ventoux, explore the area by mountain bike or just make a day trip on a regular bike.


Sightseeing by car.

Visit the Alps, the Gorges or just see the sights. Everything is close by, so you do not need to spend hours in your car.


Villages and towns.

There are lots of typical Provençale villages worth seeing, but maybe you prefer a larger town like Avignon with many antiquities.


Castles, cathedrals and fortresses.

The Provençe has a rich history, of which much is still visible today. Many sights can be found in the immediate vicinity of Vinsobres.